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What our clients and business partners say about us*

Fine Group had the pleasure of working very closely with Claire on several key projects. Claire is knowledgeable and easy to work with, and has superior communication skills. She is definitely a leader in her field. We love her excitement and passion for innovation and business strategy, which allowed us to develop great strategic and creative outputs together.

Roxanne Fourie, Group Account Director

Fine Healthcare, South Africa

Claire is a visionary in legal ops. Not only does she understand how technology can drive efficiencies within the legal department, but she is also excellent at communicating the benefits an efficient and technology driven legal department can have on the organisation as a whole. As a vendor and product owner I value the insights and expertise Claire brings as a customer and has helped our product team deliver a more complete and compelling product. 

Andy Wishart, Global Head - Contract Express

Thomson Reuters, London, UK

Claire is energetic and passionate about her work. She combines a very detailed knowledge of document creation technologies and their implementation with a thorough understanding of real-world business issues. She is hard working and her down-to-earth attitude endears her to colleagues and partners alike. I have absolutely no problem recommending Claire and look forward to working with her in the future. (July 2016)

[Jason worked with Claire Debney on implementation of TeamConnect at RB]

Jason Heyman, Managing Director EMEA

Mitratech, London, UK

Claire's attention to detail and ability to deliver on projects is key to her success. Her understanding of the entire legal process is second to none. I have had the pleasure of working with Claire for over two years during her time at Reckitt Benckiser, as well as at legal conferencing events such as ACC Europe, where Claire has delivered engaging presentations to fellow legal industry experts. There is no doubt that any next step Claire takes, will be a successful one. (July 2016)

[Nick worked with Claire Debney on implementation of TeamConnect at RB]

Nick Cronjaeger, Sales Consultant EMEA

Mitratech, London, UK

Claire knows how to get the best out of people - and that includes both her in-house team and also her external advisors. She is clear about what she needs from external advisors and takes their advice on board, but she is not afraid to be decisive to move things forward. Having also had the pleasure of reporting to Claire in-house (on secondment), I have also seen how she builds trust and loyalty amongst her team and motivates them to provide outstanding service to internal business clients. (June 2016)

[Chris worked with Claire Debney on complex multi-million £ litigation while at HSF and on the creation of compliance tools for RB while a secondee at RB reporting to Claire]

Chris Sherwin, Senior Associate

HSF London (now working at Astra Zeneca)

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